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Policy No. ADMIN 03-2007




In order to provide for an early and fair method of dealing with delegations at Council meetings of the R.M. of Alexander, the following Rules and Procedures will apply:

1.   All persons wishing to appear before Council as a delegation must register by completing a Delegation Registration Form (available from the Municipal 0Office).  This form must be filed with the CAO (Office) no later than 120 hours (5 days) before the scheduled commencement of the meeting at which appearance is requested.

2.   In order to ensure that Council will have adequate time to deal with municipal business, the CAO (in consultation with the Reeve and/or Deputy Reeve) may limit the number of delegations appearing at any one meeting of Council.

3.   In the case where a delegation is denied for a specified Council meeting, the CAO (in consultation with the Reeve and/or Deputy Reeve) shall review such denial (if requested to do so) and may reconsider the denial if the matter is deemed to be of an urgent nature.

4.   All questions must be addressed through the Chair.  Questions of a personal nature will not be allowed or entertained.

5.   Delegations may be limited to 10 minutes and the Chair shall interrupt the presenter when the expired time approaches to inquire as to the time required to complete the presentation.  The Chair has the sole discretion of allowing additional time to complete the presentation.

6.   Delegations making application to discuss a matter that has already been discussed and dealt with through an earlier delegation, to the satisfaction of Council, may not be allowed to appear before Council.

7.   Presenters who deviate from the subject matter as indicated in their Delegation Registration will be interrupted by the Chair.  If the presenter persists in deviating from the subject matter the Chair will terminate the presentation.

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