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Public Utilities

There are a total of 342 street and highway lights in Blue Water Country supplied by Manitoba Hydro.
There are 8 independent water facilities servicing the RM of Alexander. There are 3 waste disposal sites in the municipality.
All primary roads are paved. Other roads are graded, gravelled and treated with calcium chloride for dust control in some areas.
The daily traffic flow on Highway #11 North and South bound is 1600 vehicles per day. There is an RV dumping station off Highway #11 at 105261 PTH 11. All the lagoons in the area range from 2 to 3 cells with room for expansion. Each lagoon holds an environmental license. They must meet all pertinent conditions prior to any release. They follow strict guidelines from the province and are subject to environmental tests.
For information on Building Permits and Building Regulations, please contact the Municipal Offices at 367-6160.